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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

SA RMHC Ride for Sick Kids Day 3

Tuesday 17th November 2015 Whyalla to Port Augusta

And the tour continues............................into the epicentre of the sun (or so it felt!)

Distance - 126.7 kms

Time in saddle - 4hrs 41 minutes 37 seconds approx 

Average Speed - 27 kmh (with the venge reaching a max of 59.4 kmh with sump power, probably across the pave' as we came into Port Augusta.

Another non Lumpy stage with  501 metres gained (Looking forward to tomorrow not!)

Average Temp over 48 degrees on the road  degrees (not sure as my garmin had melted onto the frame of my bike!)

Tomorrows forecast is over 42 degrees ambient temp from Augusta to Pirie, looking for some favourable winds?

Day 3 started with a lovely hot breakfast at the Westlands Hotel, for those of us that don't suffer from illiteracy and managed to walk through the open door into Breakfast.  We missed this for the Muppet award, Kristen, Katherine, Bade and Glenn i think.  Instead it  was awarded for the Specimen not being able to clip in for nearly a kilometre, or was it actually for smashing it out over the Pave' as he attempted to rip the legs off of Barday, he may have succeeded only to destroy the moral of the rest of the peleton as they were having gooches and crabs smashed back in the pack!

This was a blistering hot day and into a Nor Easterly all day the Front six should be commended other than the Pave' incident and Diesel having a sprint finish into Lunch from 3 k's out just to finish us off.

We started with a quick visit to the Maccas in Whyalla for a photo shoot with Kent & Hannah the Operators there and kind suppliers of the morning break and lunch food.  We then headed for our first time ever on the ride to the Whyalla special school in where we were greeted by Ronald McDonald and all the excited children, whom many have stayed at the house.

A few more photos and off to the much awaited Point Lowly for the Team Time Trial.  Team Nugget v Team mark v Team Cotter.  Once again much cheating under investigation with the use of vehicles and EPO on both Team Nugget & Team Cotter, so the moral victory irrespective of the 2 minute time difference was Team Birkdale with the very quiet whippet , Team captain Mark, Matt Bulldozer Tozer, Rhino, first night Roomy Wayno and Mr Lucas the anchor of the team, unfortunately this is a disadvantage in a TT not an advantage!

A Quick visit to the Point Lowly Lighthouse to re enact the team photo from 4 years ago, and ensuring that most riders will require new shoes from the team at Bike Society (Good name for a shop, apparently Maccas was already taken!)

We then returned along the 22km stretch into a cross headwind to complete 60kms and were only 13kms away from our start for the day!

As the mercury continued to rise, anyone who was at the front of the peleton was earning their domestique stripes, as the rest of the peleton bunkered down behind them and with feet burning from the near melting black top were in for a long ride home to the ever enticing Majestic Oasis apartments and the BBQ and pool.

This was the quietest the peleton had been since the start of the tour with the whippet reduced to only speaking when off the bike as agreed upon by the alliance (TBL's) for a $200 donation to her fundraising effort, as riders disappeared into their own deep black holes as they tackled the mentally and physically demands of riding a bike in 40 degree temps and a block headwind.

The only reprieve was stopping at 20km intervals and emptying the now boiled water in our Bidons and to scoff a few lollies that Stacey hasn't managed to through on the ground this year, or if she has, has washed well that no one has noticed?

Other than the punched out 3kms before lunch that blew up a few heart rate monitors, it was just Hot Hot Hot getting there. We stopped at the tanks outside of Port Augusta in some shade that the support crew had found.  As there wasn't a lot of shade, the ever thinking Billy Paxton had left the bus running with the air con on for us to devour our lunches.  On a tough day for all, a round of applause for the support crew today who just kept working the whole day and deserve our praise and thanks as we just sit on the bike.  Thanks again support crew, fantastic work and nice BBQ skills Jamie elbows Hodge, great dinner.
A special thanks to Tozers mum who had baked her special Vanilla slice for us to enjoy around the pool.

As the Key gate scandal continued around the pool between a few, the specimen was banned from removing his shirt in the presence of any other riding member around the vicinity of the pool, for fear of embarrassing himself!

Tim tam Mohanbala had very quickly assimilated with his surroundings by donning on his Ton abbots and then positioning himself in the middle of the carpark, with what appeared to be no intention of venturing near the pool?!

The Maillot Jaune was awarded to the lovely hard working couple of Bill & Jan Paxton from Penola (originally) for an outstanding effort and feeling as though they are veterans and not virgins on this Charity ride.  Well deserved and where the Maillot Jaune with pride.

As Stifler returned from his massage looking like a happy schoolboy, the following day was discussed and an early start at 4.00 am, so its off to relax the weary legs and posterior ready for a long and hot day tomorrow.

Love to all the supporting families from your riders and we will be in Port Pirie hopefully sometime tomorrow?!

Ciao for now.

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