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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Now we are down to Days!!!!!!!

8 Days to go!!!!

October 18th

Total funds raised : $70,482.40

Leaderboard : Jami 'Twinkle Toes' Hodge, takes back the crown from 'Sneaky Pete' Carepetis, with the New Zealand 'Jaws' contengint (phonetically pronounced of course) has cracked the top 5! Will dun Jaws!

So the State of Origin title is curently sitting with the Southerners as we have adopted our New Zealand friend as a South Aussie and traded Alex over to the VICs!

Hope all last minute preps and finalising of contacts for their pennies is going well and a big Thank you to all that have contributed to help us reach a fantastic amount so far........Outstanding effort to all!  Many of you have been very creative in engaging your local communities, family and friends and now in just a few short days that work and prep will be put to use.

We have had some great local print content and have even been able to put some very attractive photos (twinkles!) of individuals in papers etc.

Great job Twinkle Toes and David.

Rolled the wheels on Tuesday & this morning, back with Pirie cycling boys and felt nice being back on home turf, with the ever reliable crew there.  Sprint finishes seem to be slightly easier when you know the where the actual finish is!!!!
There will have to be some bogus sprint finishes for Mr Sturm one feels! never mind, after a brief talk with my Texan mate, Lance, he has me all prepped for the ride given any conditions! lol 

Thanks to our friends at Garmin, the new 800 has made its way onto the bike, just so I can keep an eye on the pace set by 'ol Diesel' Thorpie along the way. Looking forward to using the Schnells over in Lincoln also (Thanks Karl).  New 11/40 cassette to slip on the rear so Jaws doesnt feel like the only one on a mountain bike should see us about right to head off! ha.

Bags to pack, couple more rides and then we will can all meet up to create a few more stories along the way.  Kits are all on the way, after Bade 'model' stablebum, (sorry Bade, not sure if that spelling is accurate?), tried on each outfit in his office first, (men & women I believe?), just to check we will all look the part.  By all accounts, fit is good and look really smart, now just to put some riders in them and we be off.

Enjoy the last few days of relaxing and with family and friends prior to having to bunk down with your new roomie!

Hill Count in last two days : Zero (Love the Country)

Weather Warning : Port Lincoln, Good news! current forecast for Thursday 25th Oct Max 18c Partly Cloudy. a shower or two. Winds SOUTHERLY 15-25km/h.

Maybe we start on Thursday Bade?!

There is a great little piece on our Lovely Ambassador Kaarle McCulloch if you want to see some of the work that Sam, Kaarle and Chloe have been doing for the ride profile.  Great job Girls!


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