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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tues 9th Oct

Ooooohh Thats a Big Hill!!!!

Countdown at ................ 17 Days! (Sounds longer than 2 weeks!)

Here we are just 17 Days from turning the first crank on our little journey, and there is definetly some backside twitching going on. No one really knows who can ride at what level, although I have it on good authority that Bade 'Tour'de'Force' Stapleton has been sneaking in the odd training ride with a Pro rider! Will be expecting big things from the Dark Horse.
Had the pleasure of meeting Craig the IronMan from Bike Society on Saturday when down for the Ball. Craig will be helping us out mechanically during the ride, but his bike will not be far away, and we are sure to see some cameo appearances from the IronMan to punish us on whatever day he chooses.  I dont look forward to Craig strapping on the shoes and smashing out some torture along the way.  But if you get the chance, go and see the guys at Bike Society on Anzac Road SA, these guys know their stuff and are sure to give you a great deal. (now be nice to us on the road please Craig?).
After a few quiet ales at the 2012 SA Ronald Ball, there were a couple of keen young men ready to have a morning roll around the City and out to Glenelg.  Unfortunatley for some who shall remain nameless......... Sleepy Steve................daylight savings got the better of them and a restful day was had for some. Not sure if 'one too many drinks' Jami managed to raise his head from the pillow, fill up with some protein and hit the tarmac as I havent heard from twinkle toes since Saturday.
As for myself, after having somewhat of a resevered and well mannered evening, I managed to catch up with a good mate of mine Andrew 'Knobby' Doran and he had planned a leisurely Sunday afternoon ride to the top of Mount Lofty!!!!!
I have only ever been to Mt Lofty by car, on several occasions in my childhood and would recommend to anyone that this would be my preferred choice of transport when looking to experience the view!!!
All jokes aside, this is a great ride, (albeit over 14k's of climbing) and I would recommend having a cassette with 25 teeth not the 23 I have.
Having made it to the summit at breakneck speed, we descended at a not so sedate speed, so much so that Knobby was out of sight in 30 secs and had left burn marks on the road.  The more life preserving riders amongst us, namely me, went through a set of brake pads and tyres on the way down.  A great day for a ride and a pleasure to sneak a ride in with Knobby, thanks mate, and for giving me the sprint finish! lol.
Monday came and went without any repercussions from the cat 2 climb of the previous day and a rather slow pace out by the boys this morning saw us beaten back by Clemmy Bairstow and Garry, although there was some debate over their time keeping and the distinct possibility that they had left an hour earlier just to beat us back!  Northy pushed us on the way home and no doubt would have taken the line but for the small issue of a train blocking his path and some backtracking required for a detour around the aforementioned train brought Northy back to the pack and dashed his chances of an individual break away.  Felt good all the same and now only have one weekend left to test the legs with sleepy Steve and crew next Sat & Sun with a couple of rides in town.  Hoping Sleepy will live up to his namesake and let us drift off on a more casual run. Haha.
All things are coming along well with the ride prep and community nights, hopefully we get a few along to these events and we can enjoy some great nights and have some fun.
Havent heard back from the Stink yet, so not sure how the prep is going for the marathon man, hope all is well fatman!
I will progessively leave more frequent blogs as we get close to the ride and then we will nightly blog for family and friends to follow all their loved ones and if they want, can leave messages of support along the way.

Untill next time, keep pedalling

Current Fundraising total ........$63,546.50

Alex 'Sneaky Pete' Carapetis is still suspiciously leading the way. Well done Sir Alex.

With Twinkle Toes not far behind with a couple of great crew shifts to raise heaps instore. Good job Jami.

Keep up the great work guys and girls, and look forward to catching up with you all in the coming weeks.



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