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Monday, 25 August 2014

2014 - RMHC R4SK's SA before the pain

2014 RMHC Ride for Sick Kids SA Mildura - Adelaide 

1000k's in 7 days helping raise much needed funds for the Adelaide Ronald House.

As the rider numbers slowly increase and the bikes are dusted off, we are rapidly approaching the 3rd instalment of the RMHC  Ride for Sick Kids SA, and the nervous tension is starting to rise, as I realise just how long ago my Christmas break was!!

Not before have I heard my trusty stallion scream in such a way, as I lowered my now quite plump frame onto it, and almost exceeded the Gross safe Mass for the specialised carbon frame.  I have conveniently prevented my Garmin GPS from uploading any information onto Strava, as whilst my mass has now given me an advantage in descending velocity, the resulting average velocity has me being challenged by my 8 yr old daughter around the park!

Enough said for now, as I have to go and finish my McMate for lunch, and we look forward to getting ready for what is surely going to be another great week of challenge and fundraising.

I will attach my Jenny Craig profile pics as we progress!!!!

November 21st 2014 and the Tour begins.......................

As the Riders and support crew made their way to the Watermark in Glenelg for the SA based crew to make their way to Mildura for Saturday's first leg of the 2014 ride, I caught a glimpse of the now emaciated man we use to call Tex ride in after a jaunt with the watermark crew, and thought to myself the bus was looking mighty comfy for the week.

A short trip in the cars with Paramedic Pete taking a relaxed ride in the passenger seat of one of the support vehicles we casually made our way to the meat pie stop in Renmark.
Little did I know that I had been unwittingly embroiled in Paramedics Pete version of Breaking Bad, as crossing the border with a car full of drugs was apparently frowned upon by the authorities?

In order not to tarnish the reputation of the House or the ride, the aforementioned contraband was offloaded at the border and we passed through Checkpoint Charlie without incident.

An uneventful ride into Mildura on the banks of the mighty Murray River and some time to meet up with this years riders and pick up gear and bikes.

Stifler and crew, Geoff and Mark had been busy not only preparing the bikes but also keeping up community relations with the local establishment and introducing himself to some local retail shop owners, with varying degrees of success.

Briefing and Dinner combined, and I think I had some fish??  Safety Bade took the stage and introduced the support team and riders to each other as the final few riders trickled in.
It would appear that Nuggets new vocation has remuneration that has his travel requirements above that of bus travel, and as his required limo driver picked him up from the front of the plane with flashing light still going whilst in the airport, the coveted 'Muppet' award was ceremoniously given to Paramedic Pete! (Stacey)

After listening to the whimperings of a malnourished Tex at lunch, with his lack of 'Malliot Jaune' awards, after his efforts in 4 cycling tours, Tex was finally awarded his first yellow jersey.
Some say out of Pity? I say awarded to a truly great man, whom enough accolades cannot be bestowed upon. Nice job Tex.

As the House ladies snuck out for a quick night cap or two, the nervous riders made their way back to their rooms for an early night.
I have the pleasure of sharing the first night with the little man.......................Simba (Harry Pitt).
Some may have jumped to the conclusion that the little man was the superstrong Andrew Coldbeck from last year, but alas, the Big Marn has not been able to join us yet and will join the team hopefully on Sunday, apparently it had something to do with a mix up at the airport and children requiring supervision to travel alone on planes that needed sorting out?  Or at least that is what Tex had informed me.

Before going, I have to pass on our condolences to Jami & Merideth Hodge and their family for the very sad news of a passing of a family member this week.  Jami, our thoughts are with you and your family in this time.

So an early night and and even earlier morning to try and beat the heat of 37c tomorrow, and the Peleton starts to roll.


  1. Look forward to sitting behind you into a huge head wind as I fear the wind isn't the only thing that will be huge.

  2. Thanks Nugget, Ill let you stir behind me so long as there is a hand on my back!!