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Saturday, 22 November 2014

RMHC Ride for Sick Kids Day 1 November 22nd 2014

RMHC Ride for Sick Kids Day 1 November 22nd 2014

Total Time 04:11:05,

Total distance 121.2 kms (For those that are competing for Strava glory, an extra few laps around Maccas and another few k's when we had got back to the hotel, completed 133k's for the day. The wise ol nugget has warned those that have found themselves addicted to the perils of Strava, "Do not let Strava run your life"!

Maximum Speed 50.8 kph (once again only achieved on specialized S-Works)

Total Gain 328 metres (A flat stage for most).

Total calories spent : (not enough to burn off the total food consumption Mr Lucas has had since the last tour!)

Heart rate : Its still going, so we are happy with that.

Average Speed 29 kph (walk in the park for emaciated Tex and Mark (Monty Burns) Birkendale.

Early start today with Brekky commencing at 5.30 am and most making their way to the well stocked buffet of the Grand Hotel Mildura.  (One must remember to wear the appropriate foot ware when entering the Breakfast room in future).

Almost all but the Diesel and Mara made the designated start point on time and the weather gods were looking favourably upon us, or so we thought?

A gentle pace was led out by Tex and the heavy lifters of the peleton, before a nice tailwind and Maverick rolled to the front, and in his fervent desire to procure the yellow jersey for an unprecedented second time, the pace steadily rose.  Although anyone perched high on the saddle of an S-Works machine could do little more than freewheel along as the weather gods were indeed smiling.

As the tourist board of Dareton went into overdrive after the annual numbers had seen a sudden influx with the Peleton passing through towns that looked very similar to those that we had already passed through, only from the opposite direction!

With the Lead car now running on fumes as Foxy had not realised that driving the lead vehicle also required it to have fuel, this was not helped in anyway by the navigating possum in the passenger seat.  We crossed the border into NSW and almost had time for young Ryan to have a flutter and look after the coffers of the Bike society crew, we made our way to the picturesque setting on the banks of the Murray and the Murray Darling and fed ourselves and some very unfortunate looking ducks.

Back on the bikes, and time to head back to Mildura for our community welcome in the Mall.
With Tex now riding without a right ear, as this had been unceremoniously chewed off from his mate Maverick still trying to secure the coveted yellow jersey.
With a slight head/crosswind for the trip home nugget marshalled his troops and we headed back from whence we had come.

A quick stop at Irymple Maccas, or so it was meant to be as the Muppet award was most certainly sewn up by the resident Ace Pilot Maverick, as he had passed his riding shoes over to Geoff to put new cleats on with only 5 k's to ride? The slightly longer wait, allowed Tex and Diesel to do a few extra laps around the carpark for Strava glory in Novemebr.

Another Maccas to visit in Mildura and then rolled off to the Mildura mall for a fantastic welcome by the City of Mildura albeit 500 metres from us arriving the heavens opened and very wet entrance was made. :-(

We have a few riders doing two days with us this tour, but it appeared that a visit from The Biggest Loser Commando, almost meant we were having Megan for only the first day, as they both were missing when we went to leave, apperently both "shopping"!

First day of riding done, and back to base safely for a relaxing afternoon for all, with the pool and a few ales and time to catch up and chat with new and old riders.

Quote of the Day : Mojo Mohan 

As Mojo enjoyed the sunraysia sun and a dip in the rather cool pool, he noticed the young Tex sunning himself on a pool bed and deeply enjoying his novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey' i believe, he turned to pale white Tex and said "No matter how much you try mate, you will never have a tan like mine!" I will attach a photo of Mojo for the visual gag that he was pretty happy to have just expressed.

Maillot Jaune : Ryan Trezise

The quiet and un assuming Ryan, was awarded the yellow jersey for outstanding contribution to not only Stifler at Bike Society, but to the ride and fundraising efforts and the sheer enjoyment he seems to have on the road.

Muppet : Maverick Justine Bruce

Many honourable mentions throughout the day from people walking into the wrong gender toilets, fuel deficiencies in vehicles, but the winner was Mr Cleats having held up the Peleton for no apparent reason!

Thats all folks, with tomorrow seeing us ride 176kms from Mildura to Renmark with a community event on there.

All our love to Family and Friends and supporters of the ride, Thank you.

Mr Lucas

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