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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Day 2 RMHC Ride for sick kids SA

RMHC Ride for Sick Kids Day 2 November 23rd 2014

Total Time 06:00:23,

Total distance 175.7 kms (Once again we see Strava getting the best of Tex, and an additional lap down Mildura's main street and a couple more hot laps when we arrived in Renmark, as the rest of the team had made their way to rooms and the showers ensured that Tex sits at the top of the leaderboard).

Maximum Speed 61.2 kph (once again only recorded on Mr Lucas's Garmin and achieved on specialized S-Works)

Total Gain 454 metres (Another Mountainous stage for some).

Total calories spent : 3343 and with the aid of the now Muppeteer,Stacey We were unable to consume the required quantities of lollies.  Stacey had indeed helped the trapped lollies from their impending doom, and scattered them indiscriminantly onto the ground! It did allow us to hear the shrill shriek of the Cassowary, as Bade discovered this unfortunate disaster.

Heart rate : Average 135 bpm with the well placed stop ensuring that Paramedic Pete's defib was not required after letting nugget stretch his legs on the front of the peleton.

Average Speed 29.2 kph Kept up by the yellow jersey Ryan, Monty, Nugget, the Cassowary, half of the old Tex, Wayne, and Karlo. Well done guys.

This morning we packed up from Mildura and the Grand Hotel and after ensuring I had the appropriate footwear on was only to discover that footwear on the second breakfast morning was deemed optional?!

All were up bright and early and ready to roll by 6.50am as we rolled away from Mildura and began to click down the k's to Adelaide in earnest.

A slight head/cross wind welcomed us for the first 30 k's as the peleton sorted itself out and we were making good progress through the 176km day.

An uneventful morning ride and a stop at the most rural pub in Vic and we ventured closer to the SA border and what some were hoping to be as smooth a roads and kind wind as we had now been getting. That was until the Stacey had made a sprawling mass of congealed glucose on the ground behind the team car! Muppet award nomination!

After the glucose disaster, we made our way further West towards the lovely Renmark with a Lunch break and some toilet amenities with the native fauna awaited.
Unfortunately for our resident Police Officer, the native fauna had left its mark in a place where an unwitting Officer managed to place his cleated foot directly onto said excrement.  This not only created a very familiar and un warranted odour amongst the Lunch shelter and food, but Wayne was not happy that he had effectively completed his duties, and after meticulously cleaning his riding shoes, proceeded to place his now unshod foot directly into the the same faeces! Not a happy camper.
Gesture award goes to Mojo Mohan for going and retrieving his own spare socks so that Wayne could now ride in the middle of the peleton without offending anyone.

The lovely smooth bitumen of the Vic roads were much appreciated by those that were not riding on the verge.  The occasional bump was all that was endured by some with those on the inside were buffeted around and shaken like a good Martini, much to the amusement of the yellow jersey holder and myself.  Sorry Wayne and Megan. :-(

The large Dunlop tyre loomed above the road ahead as we made our way to the fruit fly quarantine area. (I would just like to reiterate to Chloe, that having a banana in the house and a common house fly, does not constitute having 'Fruit Fly')
As Harry was being detained for potentially hiding vast quantities of Fruit on his person, we made our way for a team photo and the last 16 k roll into Renmark.

The Cassowary had conveniently booked the only 3 story building in town for us and the support crew to now trudge our way up to our rooms after 176 km's on the bike!

We now said goodbye to four of our two day riders in Mara, Shaun, Evan and Wayne, and thank them for their efforts over the last two days and their fundraising efforts leading up to the tour.  Thank you guys and girls and we look forward to having you extend your rides in the future.

I did see a glimpse of a little fella that is to join us from tomorrow for the remainder of the ride, either that or Gargamel had once again allowed one of those little blue creatures escape?  We will find out more tomorrow.

A big community night was put on by the Adelaide house at the Renmark Hotel, and  with celebrity talent in Crows player Daniel Talia and Journalist extraordinaire  Craig 'Hutchy' Hutchinson gracing us with their presence a great night was had with families and friends of the house present.  Thanks guys.

A shorter day awaits if the weather is kind for Monday and our first School visit at Loxton Primary school, should be a great day.  It is apparently a flat stage?

Maillot Jaune : Sam Harper and very well deserved from a guy who has only just jumped on a bike this year!

Muppet : For a record breaking two times in a single tour goes to Paramedic Pete

Thats it for now, speak to you all tomorrow.  Goodnight. :-)

Mr Lucas

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