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Monday, 24 November 2014

RMHC Ride for Sick Kids Day 3 Annus Horribillis for a day!

RMHC Ride for Sick Kids Day 3 November 24th 2014

Total Time 05:07:42,

Total distance 137.9 kms (Felt like 200 k's with the wind being not so kind to peloton)


Quote of the Day : Nugget, "The day we took a knife to a gun fight against the wind" 

Maximum Speed 51.5 kph (Was recorded just prior to Team Cotter sitting up during the Team Time trial so that Megan could have the win on her Birthday, as quoted by Team Captain Stifler himself).

Total Gain 660 metres (My Garmin is unfamiliar with such altitude).

Total calories spent : 2616 so a few less snakes allowed today.

Heart rate : Average 137.9 bpm peaked at 177bpm as Cotter took to the front during the team time trial, meanwhile checking nuggets Strava results, he had maintained an even 110 bpm as his team managed a respectable place on the dias with a bronze, this could have also been gained by their appearance at the start line as only three teams had participated!

Average Speed 26.9 kph Great job by emaciated Tex and crew that took the brunt of the brutal winds. Although a quick check on some video footage, and the keen working eye of Nugget had discovered Tex's (or Diwaan's) effort had been overshadowed by his half wheeling of Blade's protective cover up front!

A Little more from last night to begin with :

Diesel, Alan, and myself managed to get the past the cacophony of sound eminating from the snufulufugus that had found its way into our room in the shape of Geoff and finally rolled off to sleep!!

It was also remiss of me to tell the story of Tex's small dilemma.
The Train spotting sequel was ready to take place yesterday with Tex knocking at the back door on a rough verge for 25ks after lunch before we reached the much anticipated Caltex, where Tex legged it to the amenities and happily destroyed them instead of his fellow peleton!

The morning started quite humorously, with the Strava challenge closing in on its final week.
Diesel must have been woken by the cackling Hyena from room 222, (also known as the resident masseuse Linda, at the crack of dawn as he met the morning sun with a few extra k's to topple Tex off his Strava pedestal. (yet to be loaded to ensure Tex doesn't know what will be required in the final days, and we are all aware that Strava never lies!)

That would be about as funny as the next couple of hours would be, with the ride out of Renmark and towards our first Primary school visit for this years tour meant working our way into another head crosswind and not much reprieve for those taking the wind.  Nugget stepped up to the plate in an attempt to secure some employment with the Golden Arches in Chelsea Heights by giving me some nice protection.

Having made it to the Loxton Primary school in time to have a relax and chat with the teachers, the group were ready for their first school presentation and bike giveaway courtesy of our friends at bike society.
I must say that the kids at Loxton Primary would have to be up there as the most knowladgeble kids on both RMHC & bike safety, somehow this message was not absorbed by young Sammy as she made an early effort for the muppet award.

We left the school with a massive line of honour by all 360 children of the school and even Glenn Muscles Bowyer got in the action with his rendition of chariots of fire as he ran sown the line giving out high fives! Good on you Muscles.  We have footage of all the riders doing their parade although without the flash on Wake up Geoff's camera it appears that no historical footage has been found of Mojo!

As we rolled on from the school and turned straight back into headwind, it always amazes us of the support and words of encouragement we get from locals.  On this occasion a fine young gentleman having seen us fight our way into the headwind, decided we all needed to know that the upcoming prevailing wind forecast was only going to get stronger today!!
"Thank you" are the words I believe were conveyed back to the young mans weather report by Nugget?

Unfortunately the local had been spot on with his weather prediction and we were to be fighting the wind as headed along the beautiful banks of the Murray towards Waikerie.

We had some reprieve as we again felt like cyclists as we had finally the pleasure of a tailwind, albeit a minor reprieve.
Lunch was not too far away and the tired legs and arms of the Peloton were counting down the k's for a well deserved rest.  And what a rest we got, as we came across the fantastic little Overland hotel hidden away on the bend of the Murray that Blade had discovered by the google and we were well looked after by publican Phil with soy decaf coffee's (without the soy or decaf), but some great lamb and chicken wraps and a history lesson on the Chambers built hotel that included Ned Kelly!  Fantastic lunch and just what was required as we now only had a short 14k ride to the start of our RMHC R4SK's SA 15k Time Trial, and then a short 6 k ride back to the newly refurbished Waikerie Hotel.

If you get the chance go and visit the Overland as it is a lovely little place, with great hospitality and food, thanks very much Phil. :-)

And to the not so much anticipated Team Time Trial at the end of a horrid riding day.
With much banter and team tactics being orchestrated at the start line, we were all in agreeance that we would casually ride out the 15k stretch to get everyone home...............but as the gun went and the scrabble of the first team left the start it was clear that there was some chest beating awards being handed out at the end amongst the Team captains?

True to his Machine form, Stifler of team Cotter marshalled his troops like a commander in general and punched out a scintillating pace for the first half of the time trial, however as soon as the fast approaching backs of Team Monty that had left 3 mins earlier were upon us, he gracefully sat up and said "guys, remember its Megan's Birthday today!" and with that we pulled over for a nature stop, changed two front tubes and got back on our way.
Great work team Cotter of Stifler, Diesel, Ryan, Sammy and Mr Lucas.

This gave hope to the hapless frivolity of team we can't win Nugget, as it appeared to them that they had intact gained on team Cotter and were in with a chance, before the Mojo of Mojo Mohan was no more and Handbrake Harry had done himself proud.

This was Cotter's birthday gift to Megan and a more humble gesture you would not find in the heat of battle. Happy Birthday Megan.

So that only left a small ride down to Waikerie and across the ferry to the lovely Waikerie Hotel and a great feed and our nightly presentation.

No Crouton and Diwan were eventually found at the table for their meals with some confusion that 'no crouton' had infact joined the tour? to be identified later as Maverick and D 1.

Team time trial goes to Team Mark, as we sat up for Megan's Birthday and Team Nugget sat up because they were no good!

As the Maillot Jaune went to the very much deserving support crew on the road, Stacey, Foxy & the cackling Hyena Linda, the resident photographer had fallen asleep only to be woken from his slumber by the endearing call of 'wake up Geoff'!

Muppet award goes to Sammy for completely disregarding the bike safety talk in front of the Loxton primary school and proceeded to ride around the school yard Helmetless!

Early night and a sleep in as we are off for our second school visit in Waikerie in the morning before we punch out 166 kms hopefully with more favourable wind conditions, as we make our way to lovely town of clare via Morgan and Burra.

Night all.

Mr Lucas.

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