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Monday, 5 November 2012

Epilogue from the Muppets

Nov 5th (enough time for some reflection)

Tour Totals

Total Distance covered (source: the trusty Garmin 800, on Mr Lucas' Stallion)

1045.35 km  Port Lincoln - Adelaide (must have been that short trip out to the Pt Lowly Lighthouse!)

Total Time spent in Saddle

37 hrs 7 mins 48 secs approx (all but sneaky Pete that had two "work" spells in the bus!)

Average Speed for the entire trip

28.17 kmh (mainly due to Fi 1 & Fi 2, Kitty Kat & Sammy!)

Maximum Speed

61.4 kmh leading into the Barossa Novotel (The Machine had the fastest recorded speed on a flat @ 64.7 kmh! everyone deserves a Specialized!)

Fastest Day  Lincoln - Cleve @ 32.3 kph average

Longest Day Wallaroo - Barossa 7hrs 47 mins, 217.56 km!

Maximum Cadence 141 on the last day (must have borrowed Jaws bike for a spell, as he was now enjoying a 53 - 53!)

Maximum Heart Rate 188 during TT (may have been the thought of the oncoming vehicle as we strayed across the line, highest peak outside of TT was 176 bpm) Not sure if Blads pushed over the 100 bpm on the bike, may have at times, as he sighted the nearest amenities along the way.)

Other Stats  2 Days had average speed above  30 kmh, with 6 out of 7 days being above 28 kmh. (not a bad effort over 7 days and 1000 km's, well done to all)

Best performance after a few drinks  Sneaky Pete, for his bravery going through the Pichi Richi Pass.  Well done little Honey Badger.

Honey Badger at Port Lincoln

 Honey Badger during day 1

Honey badger during the Pichi Richi pass after 15 drinks the previous night!


Yellow Jersey & Muppet Awards

Day 1 Sturmy - Maillot Jaune (Outstanding contribution to the organising of event)    No Muppet award for first day    

Day 2 Jason 'Jiz,Jaws' Stephens - Maillot Jaune. (something to do with rooming with the previous holder of the MJ!            Fi 1 - Muppet (kermit) for dropping bidon at the front of the Peloton

Day 3 Chloe  - Maillot Jaune. On behalf of hers and the entire support crews efforts and hard work                    Mr Lucas - Muppet, for indiscretions too numerous to mention

Day 4 Fi 2 - Maillot Jaune. Mainly due to her ability to tear everyone elses legs off at anytime, Outstanding example of  Rule # 2 Lead by example & Rule # 8.        Chris 'Blads' Halley - Muppet, for a cardinal safety breach when suffering from white line fever!

Day 5 Ian 'Spike, Afrikaan, Erns, Jens, the man from Notting Hill, Baby Stretch, New Boy, Lassie, Rooi, Nek and Aeroplane Speed Cop' Fromentin (these have been taken from the Autobiography 'A Seoff Efrican in Seoff Estraalia, a man with a pocket full of full stops!) - Maillot Jaune.  As the best man servant among us, and the ability to open doors for strangers and do the laundry for anyone wearing yellow!     Todd 'Dark' Knight - Muppet, for another safety Breach and not adhering to Rule # 1 & 2, also possibly for breaching rule # 22!

Will the Real Spike, please stand up!!

Day 6 Mr Lucas - Maillot Jaune.  Birthday present & media committments etc etc etc           Ian 'Spike' Fromentin - Muppet, for safety breach on Team leaders bike,  Rule # 1 & 2 & 16 (please refer to for rule key, thanks Blads, the rule keeper)     

Day 7 Three way tie for Maillot Jaune Blads, The Machine & Ben, for adhering to all said rules for the duration of the ride and just being great blokes!      Craig 'Sterling' Stirna (name change for his ability to dig deep enough to find precious minerals, and after his childhood hero and lookalike Peter Sterling!) - Muppet, for waking up fellow roomy for no apparent reason and then preceeding to belt out a trumpet recording worthy of being on the Titanic, prior to said roomy taking his place in his previous restful state!)

Awards also handed out to young Sammy, for impersonating any rider on EPO or the like in playing the guess who game.

Fraudient Slip award to Sturmy for a comment best left unsaid.

Fashion award to both Spike and his boardies and the inked up arm warmers of Fi 2 (Fi 2 actually wins this as she looked cool, refer rule # 8)

Well thats how it ends, until we meet again maybe from Mt Gambier to Adelaide on our next Ride for Sick Kids, who knows.

Total Funds Raised $unsure, will update when a firmer amount is known.  Should be between $80 - $100k nett profit for the Ronald McDonald House Adelaide.

I will attach photos of each rider and support crew with corresponding names for the amusement and for nostalgia (re: Wikipedia - nostalgia, describes a sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.),  I hope this rings true for you all as it does with me.

Thank you and Dankie Meneer Fromentin, die plesier was al myne!

Back Row L - R : Curtis, Button, Stifler, Todd, Sturmy, Twinkle Toes, Ben, Blads, Bronte, Sneaky Pete, Sammy, Fi 1, Spike, Kitty Kat, Mr Lucas, Kaarle McCulloch, Sterlo, Fi 2, Diesel, Dave, Jaws.

Front Row L - R : Chloe, Foxy Lady, Sam, Karl (lying down), Wendy, Grant, Tony.

Twits in Lycra!

L - R : Fi '1 (Miss Piggy)' Neuwirth, Tony 'Para' Mason, Alex 'Sneaky Pete' Carepetis, Craig 'Sterlo' Stirna, Dave Murada, Jason 'jaws' Stephens, Jami 'Twinkle Toes' Hodge, Carolyn 'Foxy lady' Fox, Chris 'Blads' Halley, Fiona 'Fi 2' Yard, Chloe 'Yellow' Watts, Sam 'young Sammy' Fromentin, Katherine 'Kitty Kat' Lee, Ian 'Spike' Fromentin, Steve 'Sturmy' Sturm, Jack 'Button' Buttons, Craig 'Stifler, The Machine' Cotter, Todd 'The Dark' Knight, Peter 'Diesel' Wolters, Wendy Robinson, Bronte 'Saurus' Mclaughlin, Neil 'Mr Lucas' Lucas, Curtis 'Cageman' Allen, & karl 'Che' Hardy or Mr Schnell!

Glenn 'Grant' Bowyer - photographer

Group photo with clean cars by Glenn 'Grant' Bowyer outside the Barossa Novotel

Top of Mt lofty with Kaarle McCulloch and Nathan

Best Bike Store in the State!!!!!! BIKE SOCIETY!!!

Check out the bling from Cotter

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