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Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Beginning of another adventure!

2014 The New Tour Begins!!!!

Mt Gambier to Adelaide (Not the short way!)

As we all eagerly anticipate the quiet rolling and clinking of old and new bling, and checking to see who has been in the best paddock from the last year and eaten well, (apparently I may have taken this title already!) we made our way back to our respective rooms to have nice early night.

I however had won the much anticipated room draw, and found myself rooming with the infamous Stifler, and another bike to the stable!!
Stifler was enjoying a nice quiet red with Jace and Jules watching some rather educational English TV (Snog, Marry, Avoid).  As I said a nice quiet night! :-)

We have much to talk about already from a short flight from Adelaide to the scenic hamlet of Mt Gambier, that sits on the border from our Victorian neighbours.  It doesn't take long to gather a catalogue of humorous stories that we will attempt to relay as we travel along another Epic journey with some old friends and some new comrades. 

We will again have some variants on names for those of you following your loved ones, and I will make best efforts to have some continuity to the group and names, and give some insight to the pain, suffering, humility and laughter that the riders and support crew have along the way, and shed some light on the reasons why 20 odd strangers would dream of sitting on the thinnest seat they could collectively find and push their own weight from Mt Gambier to Adelaide, when there is perfectly adequate transport available that would have both been quicker and far more comfortable?
The answer still eludes many of us, however we still gather with grand thoughts of achieving goals in both an arduous task and the ability to raise much needed funds for the Ronald McDonald House Adelaide chapter.

So the story begins.....................

Maillot Jaune awarded to Peter Wolters (Diesel the Brut) for outstanding contribution to new and old riders and Stiflers Bank account! (Another bike broken every day Diesel, means another one to buy! always a bright side).

Muppet award awarded to Geoff (Mick Dundee), for a misdemeanour at Adelaide airport.  It seems that even whilst participating in a charitable ride, carrying dangerous weapons on an airline is still not acceptable.  After having his bag stopped at the X-ray, and nonchalantly explaining that a cyclists multi tool only carry's allen keys, both security and Mick were equally surprised as the harmless set of 'allen keys' was quickly discovered to be hiding nothing less than what could be described as  a machete, at which point our resident Mick Dundee proceeded to be heard exclaiming to the then armed security "That's not a Knife!".............Muppet was awarded after some deliberation after the stewards had gathered to judge the South Afrikaaaans monumental absent mindedness by deciding to bring his mobile charger for a phone that he decided not to bring along! The big Afrikaaaan has started early, and with his fervent desire to win anything and a body that is likely to yield some poor results this tour, will push even his own daughter over to win something, he is one to watch for running away with the Muppet award by the end of the week, for sure! Please if you are feeling that you would like to pass on your best wishes to Spike the big Afrikaaaaan, just leave a nice long detailed message on his phone!

Saturday's ride

Mt Gambier - Naracoorte 150k's with a light South Easterly and a chilly 9c Brrrrrrrrrrrr (Were close to Vic!)

I will list the riders and referring names after tomorrows ride.

For now, its time to snuggle down with my roomy and get some rest.

It gets exciting now........................

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