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Friday, 8 November 2013

Day 6 R4Sk's Victor Harbour to McLaren Vale via South Australia!!! A day of climbing

Victor Harbour to McLaren Vale the most scenic way possible

Min Temperature 13c and the average temp difference to yesterday of 21c. Where the min yesterday was 28c and peaked at the rather warm temp of 41c!

Total Time 007:09:37, just a little time in the saddle today.

Total distance 173.2 kms

Maximum Speed 63 kph (Sturmy achieved only 58lph on the Scott!)

Total Gain 2462 metres (Apparently we had some hills to climb? 10 categorised climbs, and yes Mr Lucas does not like Hills anymore than when he started the day!).

Total calories spent 4133 (and with a healthy wrap from Maccas Aldinga, thanks to Gav & Nat, not much taken on board).

Heart rate of the now almost less than 19% body fat Rider a massive output today of 173 max with an average elevated to 145 bpm!

Heart rate of Fabio 'The most beautiful man on a bicycle', as he turned and smiled as he cycled past the Crash Bandicoot to take the KOM up Willunga Hill of 94 bpm! 

Average Speed 24.2 kph (Hard day for most with winds playing havoc and just a few climbs).

KOM : Currently Fabio 'the most beautiful man on a bicycle'
QOM : Currently Doctor Jules

Well, that was fun!!!

As Fabio, continued to smile on every possible climb, there was a number of hurt lockers opened, as CB, had devised a route that would test any weary legs in the group.
And with a day still to go which includes Mt Lofty, conserve, reserve and preserve was in order for the day.  Mr Lucas decided to open his locker at the 5 km mark when spinning at a 200 cadence with his 39/28 was just the ticket to elevate his heart rate over the lactic threshold and a dark place the day was looking like being.
With the Big Afrikaaaaan as the source of inspiration and help we all climbed over the first hill out of Victor Harbour and two major climbs still to come.
I had originally had the thought of staying with young baby face Mason and helping him with words of encouragement,  it wasn't long before my heavy breathing and walking pace speed was too much for baby face, as he pedalled away from me and into the abyss.
We made our way down towards Deep Creek Conservation park and we were now in the midst of a winters day, with visibility enough to ground Maverick on a working day, and being wet, cold and still climbing the day was looking grim.
On a number of occasions today, I would use the photo and card from a child that has been at the house, Logan Ruebeck, that had been given to me in Mt Gambier. (All riders received a different family message as help to get them through the week, and we have carried these with us along the ride, in the knowledge, that our pain and suffering on the ride is for only a short moment, and nothing compared to what these families have to go through).

We continued through to the wettest place in SA, Parawa, for our first replenishment from the support crew.

Sorry Time for bed, will complete the day after we complete the ride.

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