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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Day 1 R4SK's And the first day is completed!

Nov 2nd Mt Gambier - Naracoorte (apparently it is only 75k's? what's going on CB!

Note: CB is a reference to an individual who spends as much time crashing as they do riding their bike..........hence the name Crash Bandicoot or CB for short is duly held by our fearless albeit unsteady leader Bade.

Today would have 0 catergorised climbs as the ride was referred to as pancake flat.  My Garmin has lodged a protest and attests to a 711 metre gain!  There were a number of other Garmins that differ from this, however they must be older models and lacking in computing the correct information,

Total Time 5 hrs 03 mins & 17.62 secs approx.

Total distance 153.6 kms (nice start!)

Maximum Speed 56.2 kph (again recorded by the only accurate device on the road..........being my Garmin.  Sturmy only achieved a mere 41.2 kph as he sat in the armchair in position 7 in the peleton!)

Total Gain 711 metres (pancake flat I think not!)

Total calories spent 3279 

Heart rate of the fatman maxed at 182 bpm

Heart rate of the most beautiful man on a bicycle Fabian maxed at 114!!!

Average Speed 30.4 kph (weather was fine with a slight crosswind buffeting the outside riders and the sun working its magic on those that had mistakenly applied sorbelene as sunscreen!)

What a cracking start to the tour, with nervous tension and testosterone ready to smash out the cobwebs and looking forward to closing out the first day.
The arm warmers were happily stored back in our bags and packed diligently away by Glenn (Grant), our faithful man servant.
After a freshly cooked breakfast had been devoured in the very salubrious setting of the Mt Gambier Commordore on the Park (who I now know, is not a member of the yacht club and friend of Bernie's as I had previously thought in conversation with Bernie.  We were almost ready for our first briefing from Mr Safety.
For some strange reason, Stifler and Jules had decided it would be a good idea this week to not only ride 1000 km's, but also run 150 km's, by running half a marathon each morning!!!
Unfortunately for the Machine (Stifler), a few ciders and some red wine, are not he perfect pre run supplement as he had envisaged from the previous night, and so only completed a 17 km run, and now has an additional 4 k's to make up! good on ya! Added to this, Stifler had decided to set his alarm with due diligence, to enable the aforementioned activity and time for brekky.  Unfortunately for me, Stifler had already conveniently vacated the premises prior to the alarm going off and left the device in the room!!!!!! Thanks mate, after 10 minutes of some very fancy archipelago music had not ceased, I had no choice but get up and turn it off, only then did I discover what ridiculous time in the morning it actually was!

We excitedly gathered and prepared ourselves for what was going to be a reasonably tough day in the saddle and pushed off without incident to the top of the Blue lake, which only 2 km's in, led me to believe, that CB's terminology of flat as a pancake, required some tweaking!

After a 3hr photo shoot at the top of the lake, we were now truly on our way.   Onwards to the little town of Naracoorte and home of some great McFlurries. (Thanks Bryce and Liz and the team at Naracoorte Maccas)

A nice gentle pace was rolled along for the first section of the day as we made the grand distance of 18 km's before Blads and the other early morning coffee drinkers needed to alleviate some pressure and we were stopping for the first nature break.
Then onto morning break with much banter going on around the peleton as fresh legs were feeling good.  I myself had taken on the much sought after position of wingman to our resident pilot Maverick (Justin Bruce), and was doing my best to protect Mav from the elements.
Maverick is the perfect gentleman and an all round nice guy, and the quintessential image of a commercial pilot! Sorry ladies but this catch is taken!
The stop gave the opportunity for a quick food replenishment and the chance for the ladies to go to the very private ablutions block. The gender debate raged on as CB also made his way to the female loo???

We are now just a short way from the lunch stop, at picturesque Penola, which will be the halfway mark for the first day.
A short trip up the Dukes highway, and with one in one out on the road, I managed to hit and lead Jules (now called Nails, because is she is tough as them and Stifler!) over every conceivable cat eye on the verge, and can assure you that the Venge may be built for speed, but certainly not for comfort!

Penola, and the support Crew of Grant, Chloe, Big Jiz (Jace the mechanic), Anthea, Pei (pronounced pay), Kristen, Stacey and Jono had spared no expense to lay on another great lunch feed for all the riders.  Thanks guys & girls, the riders truly appreciate every effort you go to, that makes the ride that much easier.
For some reason, Penola became the start of multiple muppet award nominations.  We had now discovered the Sorbelene fiasco, support crew and riders riding without helmets and riders either forgetting their bottles or like Robert DiPierdomenico or Dipper (Bruce), just threw his out through the Peleton.
There continued to be more candidates for what was now a more sought after award that the Maillot jaune or so it would seem.  (although the Big Afrikaaaaan had certainly made his attempt at securing the Maillot jaune, as he was caught in the act of warming the seat of the throne for his new bestie, the incumbent Diesel.
Penola to Naracoorte saw some less than pancake flat roads undulate along as we made good pace to our first nights rest.  Whilst the sun was working on cooking those that had applied the sorborlene, a few chinks in the armour were starting to show, and the day was starting to takes its toll on some of us that that had not made our Garmins read three digits for nearly a year in a single ride (Thanks Jiz 1). 
I was having some difficulty following the rider in front of me, as he continued to signal left turns along the route, and then turned in the opposite direction or not at all.  Jami with the protruding busted elbow from only two months ago, will now be aptly named elbows.

It is now bedtime for me, so I will complete the nights blog when we arrive in Robe tomorrow.

We have made Robe, so I will attempt to complete yesterday's blog from memory, so there may be some inaccuracies or embellishments as we continue.

An uneventful off the main road detour to Coomandook, before the last 30 km's down into Naracoorte.  The pace had been good all day, and baby face Tony (our other child rider along with the very coy Harry), and although his bike had only been purchased at the launch of this years ride and had found himself in a dark lonely place for a short spell, the always smiling Tony had passed his PB, along with Knobbly Knee Cotter and Harry.  Great job Guys!
A momentary change of name for the ride as we encroached over the border and appeared never to return back to SA, and we were descending down into Naracoorte and the much anticipated Golden Arches rose like a beacon to the delight of Blads and a few other weary riders as the McFlurries were consumed. Thanks Bryce & Liz, once again, and for the morning Brekky supplied and the community function organised with Linda, Harry's mum.

A short trip to our sleeping quarters and after some confusion of who was sleeping where, Spike, who appears to have done some modelling for a beach wear company, as he has only packed some young surfers boardies and his surfboard on his feet as his thongs looked remarkably like the doors off the motel!
With his swimming attire in place and the most beautiful man on a bicycle 'Fabio', in tow, of they headed for the swimming pool that was absent from the motel.  According to Fabio, the most beautiful man on a bicycle, upon finding the local swimming hole also reluctant to hold any water, off they headed to the local creek.  With absolutely no thought, the Afrikaan preceded to jump in to what appeared to be nothing more than a stagnant swamp.  Fabio, although appalled by his lack of responsibility for personal safety, but also not wanting to let the big maaaaan down decided to jump in too, for a refreshing dip in what could have possibly been the effluent plant of Naracoorte.
Upon returning and smelling no different from when they left, we had a few quick massages a few quick drinks, (Geoff and managed to acquire some very modest priced Coppers pale and threw a few back with his old employee Stifler).
On the bus and off to the Community event, for a group that now looked somewhat like the cast of the Michael Jackson video Thriller!
Billy Macks, had laid on a great feed and hosted by Linda, Bryce and Liz, and Erika Vickery the Mayor of Lucindale Council, and organised by Amanda Zimmerframe,  a great night and first schnitzel was consumed.   This was to be the last community function that our Mt gambier riders would attend, but the herculean Dipper will be staying on to Murray Bridge and Angela Kane, that I would wingman for tomorrow (sorry Mav), along with her 'Car back' Hubby Danny would be leaving us tomorrow night.

Back on the Bus and back home for a night with another Cotter and ready for a nice gentle start to tomorrow at 8.45am briefing.

Good night, and well done to all.

Maillot jaune - Stacey the Paramedic

Dual Muppet award - James who only travels business class and a fall from grace for our first day yellow jersey recipient Diesel, as they wrongly accused Chloe of not putting their bags in their room, when in fact they had decide to go to the wrong room instead!

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