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Monday, 21 November 2016

RMHC Ride for Sick Kids 2016 - Day 2

RMHC Ride for Sick Kids 2016 - Day 2

The day Mr Lucas put his Committee hat on to ensure he was across all facets of the ride and not just from a riders perspective as he has the previous 4 years!
Incidentally leaving your Garmin on and placing the bike in the van at Lunch (130k's), not only allows the GPS to still work but also ensures you to win a muppet award if you indeed allow the Garmin to then upload the 201 km day that you did not do!!
Shame Shame Shame Mr Lucas!  Good luck explaining the fairy wings to the children at the Tailem Bend Primary school!

As the Brass band from last night was assembled with Tubas and trumpets playing deep into the night.

A list of the offending trumpeters was assembled to ensure they could be gathered in their own room for more practice and peace for the rest of us.

Demo thought he had flown to Christchurch to see what an earthquake would actually be like as  4 Qtr Danny boy blissfully unaware of his windward ability, peacefully slept through his entire rendition of Beethoven's symphony 7!

More to come on Demo's Swollen Perineum also and his Nads story!

The morning roll down to Breaky at the Adventurous spoon, not unlike a trick Demo had shown me the previous night, was short and downhill and early at 6.15am.

As the haggads were consumed by all and Rhino's had been removed from the previous night, and Lucky Lewis left his delightful odour in the amenities, (single cubicles had given Lucky the privacy away from Demo he required).

After Breakfast had been devoured, we rolled out and looked forward to the rest of the day, a 200km slog along a not so windy road from Robe to Meningie.

All was going well with the front six chatting away to Knobby who knowingly nodded to their conversations with little knowledge of what was being said as he could not hear them!  Including when Nugget road up to ask him to back the pace off up front!

I do recall the those days of sitting in the front six, enjoying the riding and feeling no pain in the legs, but alas those days have gone and the lack of bike time was to take its toll!  
First on 4 Qtr Danny boy, and then at lunch by Mr Lucas who thought it best to jump in the van just as the tail wind was to push the peloton home for the last 70ks!
The look on Nuggets face when I informed him of this, was enough to make a grown man cry! So he did!

So lunch was a little emotional, with the knowledge that this would be the first year that I would not complete every kilometer on the ride, but with the knowledge that I would ride again and ensure that I make it back to my family intact.

As 4 Qtr Danny Boy got back on his bike to complete the last 70 k's from lunch, the peloton got to enjoy a brisk pace back to Meningie to complete a double century and some had already roped in a few with more Brawn than Brain to complete a Double Double tomorrow.

188k's and into Meningie for a quick detour into a howling headwind for the guys and girls to complete an out and back to make it to a century, this time avoiding an oncoming truck as they did their Uturn and back safely to the Lake Albert hotel and some to the Bates Motel further down the road On a secluded back road  with bugs and all!

After a mammoth effort by all and special mention to Lozz Murphy for achieving this personal effort, and to the support team for all their help on and during the ride.

Maillot Jaune was won by Knobby for not listening to anything anyone says.
Muppet award was given to Mr Lucas for too many indiscretions to talk about. But just remember 'Strava never lies!"

Well done all and good night.

Mr Crampy Lucas.
Blog is decidedly somber tonight after a dark day in the saddle sorry.

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