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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

RMHC Ride For Sick Kids 2016 - Day 3

RMHC Ride for Sick Kids 2016 - Day 3

Meningie to Victor Harbor via Tailem Bend Primary school.

Maillot jaune - Handed over from Knobby to the pint sized Tabitha the cat 

Muppet award - Mr Lucas to Dick Harro for using his mobile whilst riding and then quickly over to Kristen and Linda for multiple Faux Pax's in the lead car but read on for what surely should have been the winner by Tim Tam MohanBala or Yumsing Victor.

The tubular bells from Mike Oldfield continued to belt out from some of the rooms that were enough to keep a deaf man awake!

Waking up seems not to be as easy as it was a week ago, as it feels as though my quads have been trampled by a marauding herd of elephants!! Or another night with Demo!

Dinner was reasonably uneventful with Victor taking a close muppet nom by putting his hand up at the first plate exiting the kitchen, irrespective of what he had actually ordered, but should have been surpassed by the great man TimTam MohanBala, whilst aggressively pursuing the Broken Hill fundraising cash mound, he proceeded to follow the Meningie town Mayor into the amenities furiously shaking his tin and demanding a coin donation for using the public restrooms!

Chloe showed her tender years to Sturmy as the conveniently set time of 5am was in fact 1 hr before she actually wished to raise and continued to hit the snooze button repeatedly every 5 mins! and the never ending snooze alarm was not the required wake up music Sturmy had requested!

At Breakfast Kristen and her beauty queen sleeping tips were being passed onto sturmy, much to the delight of the riders that were in earshot of Kristen's bedtime routine!

Onto the first leg, a 5 k ride down to the Bates hotel to bring the peleton together, and a no show by the double double attemptees mainly Demo had put him in first place on the muppet leaderboard.  (Milroy could have been up there for a faux Pax that has yet to be mentioned), and as i am not a throw him under the bus sort of guy unlike Sturmy, I shall refrain from discussing,)

We headed out to our first school visit at the Tailem Bend Primary School, where the kids had gathered together in a timely fashion as the rain just began to fall.  After briefly discussing the run sheet for our visit with Mr Lucas to do a short talk on RMHC and Bade would do his bike safety talk........much to the delight of the grown ups wearing Lycra in the room, our introduction was not just merely introducing me, but a 5 minute Q&A with the students on Bike Safety!  The thunder had been stolen only to be compounded by Mr Lucas inadvertently introducing our World Champion Nettie Edmondson.

Dick Harro had also managed with some soft lollies I'm sure to have a young member of the audience ask the delightful question to the now fairy flying wings on my back with 'I have never seen a fairy with grey hair before!'  the return reply in which included referring to myself as the fairest and prettiest seem to be met with acknowledgement from the school children, albeit mostly with laughter.

Lucky Lewis hits the Tarmac on a Keep clear painted road sign just after the scheduled visit at the school where Bade usually gives a talk on road safety! Muppet Leader after morning break.

Team Time Trial and tribulations data and info to follow including reducing Mr Lucas to frail old man that was making Ol Man Geoff now look a lot younger.
Nettie, Tyrone, Diesel, Yumsing, Tim Tam and Mr Lucas on Sturmy's team with lead vehicle Ol Man Geoff, were the only team worth mentioning as they showed the egalitarian virtues of a true team and nursed their team into the line after 20 k's, taking comfort in the knowledge that no gaming or cheating had taken place in their team.
As both other teams are now under investigation from ASADA, the results have been withheld until further notice and therefore the day winners shall be unnamed before being shamed of their indiscretions!

Just prior to lunch as some had fallen into the black pit of despair a rider sometimes finds themselves in, with what can often have a faint glimpse of hope and light in it from their riding partner, can also be quickly turned off in a flick of the switch and the keys thrown away by that very same person.  What we do not expect is to find a Sergeant being the offending officer indeed flicking the switch and condemning Mr Lucas to his locker to be alone and not to come out! Thanks Demo!

Lunch and a visit to the van, saw the peloton take off and leave Mr Lucas no choice but to pursue the peloton in the Van.
Yumsing Victor attempted to show the young residents of a local farm house (Unwittingly) that Malaysia does indeed have snakes the same as Australia at a quick roadside stop!

Long Black Tim Tam Mohan Bala needing to pull over for what was apparently a quick wee stop, that quickly turned into an impromptu visit to a local farmer, at which point the very polite but somewhat forceful Tina Tam, pushed his way past the local farmer and made his way immediately to leave a few kids in the pool, upon which he asked the good Farmer for a donation on his way out!! Farmer obliged with a fresh pineapple and the fundraising continued!

As the two Wiggle chatterboxes blissfully unaware of the pain and torture of others in the peloton, were deep in conversation of the bias of political system within the boundaries of democracy, had to make a call for car up, both managed to do this without losing any momentum in either bike speed or conversation.  This however had not translated well down the line and like the worst game of chinese whispers on record, and in-between gasping for the last remaining ounce of oxygen that had been left for hi to suck in, Dick Harro could only managed to splutter out a few words that must have sounded from behind like he was attempting to castrate a billy goat orally! Demo once again could do nothing but expose into fits of laughter as he soulfully supported Harro up remainder of the climb.

Double Double was achieved by some, but only after another attempt to strip both Lucky and Demo of their forthcoming awards, by firstly the Maillot Jaune wearer falling off his bike followed by the cackling Algate to busy making her cacophony of noise also failing to unclip and going over too!  Now too more challenging for the Muppet Leaderboard position!

A visit to Gav and Nat at McDonald's Victor Harbor where the team were supplied with ample McFlurry's and Coffee and nuggets for Chloe and Kristen, and then back to the McCracken country club for a rather raucous night at dinner, with the tone set by Tim Tam Mohan Bala himself!
We were also introduced to the small armed Trex that was formerly know as knobby as he received his sons arm warmers back and required feeing as his cutlery were still not capable of reaching the food to his mouth!

Till tomorrow, when the gorgeous hills of the Southern coast bear their ivories at us and kick Mr Lucas in the preverbal's, I'm signing out and will talk again in KI!

Now to a small ditty from Jaws "Im tired and I want to go to bed, i had a little drink about an hour ago and its gone right to my head!"

Love you all and goodnight.

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