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Sunday, 20 November 2016

RMHC Ride for Sick Kids 2016 - Day 4

RMHC Ride for Sick Kids 2016 - Day 4

The Ferry Crossing..................

Hump day for some Mountainous for others.

Strava still continues to tell no lies! Even across the Ferry.

The morning started with a fresh Brekky after a 5am wake up and by 6.30am we were rolling on a brisk Late November morning being about 2 degrees below zero.

We rolled down the gentle rolling hills and past the Victor Harbour Maccas and onto what we all knew was going to be a somewhat tough day in the saddle. Well at least for some.
As we started the first little rise of the day that was only about 3.2%, Milroy riding next to me, inquired as to how I was feeling, politely enough, I don't think he had expected the answer he got that had some bias on the negativity at only the 4.67 km mark!! If Demo had been close, he would have just put me in the locker once again and flicked off the light!

The first 60ks to the ferry was going to be a morning not to remember as we traversed much of the same nasty hills we had in the R4sk's 2012 2nd year ride, and I distinctly remember not enjoying much of that back then either!

As Bade had worked out that being at the back of the Peloton was going to be the only way to ensure that we all got on the 10am Ferry and make it to our school visit, Steve Sturmy took to the front lead rider role with much enthusiasm.  

With the helpful encouragement of Fabio and not the Demoralising Sergeant himself, who had been pushed forward to break some other poor suspecting cyclist on tour, of which TimTam Mohan Bala was putting himself in line to be!  We made it to the base of the last climb before the sump power could be turned on, much to the delight of the furiously pedalling Meg, who had a cadence of about 200 as she attempted to roll faster down the enormous 16% gradient, only to have Mr Lucas propelled by copious volumes of sump power gleefully glide by free wheeling!!!! The only opportunity I will probably ever get to do to the whippet.
At the base of the climb we were only held up by a muppet award nomination going to Timtam as we had a 2 minute nature stop, where upon after 2 minutes had passed, Tim tam running into the ablutions block declaring that the previous four outings in the morning to relieve his bowels were not enough and the chilli's had asked to be removed and they were clearly not waiting for anyone! 

At the KI Ferry at 9.40am for a 10am departure and everyone had made it in one piece, well sort of anyway.  Fabio the most beautiful man on a bike had indeed cracked the highest descending speed that would have got him a speeding fine if Demo had had his uniform on, and Maverick had topped the leaderboard with the Cape Jervis descent of 4.4km in 4 mins 31 and sump power had made it into the Top ten at number nine with JT Lozz rounding out the top ten and the place getters being Rhino Milroy 2nd and Diesel 3rd.  Mr Tickle, Shamwow Big Kev, Sturmy, Lucky Lewis (Thumbman) and Bade picking up the minor places.

plenty more to come as I have to go to bed now sorry.

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