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Friday, 18 November 2016

RMHC Ride for Sick Kids SA - 2016 Prologue

RMHC Ride for Sick Kids SA - 2016 Prologue

'The Night Before' For any 'James' fans out there this is the first of many references to them!

To be honest, I cannot believe that a year has passed since the 4th instalment of the SA Ride for Sick Kids and a lot has come and gone, unfortunately some things have come and not gone and that includes my new found girth that closely resembles that of a Tasmanian Huon Pine tree!

After the inception of the first ride in SA back in 2011 when I was a spritely 5 years younger and fitter, little did Sam, Big Bubba Tony, myself and Jami know the momentum, people and funds that would be built and gained through this fantastic event.  For all those that have been involved along the way from support, riding or sponsoring from Bade` from ConnectSport, the boys from Bike Society (Have Ol Man Geoff with us again this year) and the House itself, thank you, and I hope this ride is as successful as the last four, whether that is enjoyed with the warm comforting hand on my back or backside from the faithful Nugget or the luxurious comfort of the Bus seats!

The weeks (51 of them to be exact) have not provided me the ability to maintain the strict training regime of Colonel Wilhem Klink Nugget, but instead I have had a rather Ibiza like year of an undergrad from Cambridge, with travel and alcohol being staples for the year!
So the promise of days in the saddle with lumpy bits in the middle and no help from Jiz Stephens Russian coach Iva Biggun, I can't say I am overly motivated to make it on time to the Bus in the morning!

Big Bubba's bet on my finishing or not on the bike from last year would be well worth a couple of dollars on the tote this year.

We have had a fantastic year of individuals and their fundraising efforts and we already have over $130k on the fundraising page with the SA McDonald's Licensee's tipping in another $100k, we look like having a cracking year to round out the first five years of this event.  Well done to all.

So we look forward to re acquainting with some old alliance members and welcoming some new riders and House supporters to the ride and hope that all can enjoy the week of rolling through the picturesque Southern coast of SA in support of RMHC.  I may or may not be using rolling as reference to my form of transport with or without a bike!

So in a week we will roll into the house with the Help of the Police and the some Harley's and we will attempt to keep those of you following, up to date with the latest shenanigans of the riders day's trials and tribulations after each day, and I preface these daily blogs with an apology, as some blogs will be written with the clarity of a tranquillised gibbon to those that have not been privy to the in house frivolity and jocularity that is regularly peppered throughout the day for the riders.

For those that also follow that suffer from grammatical OCD, I will attempt to ensure you also have something to cringe and cry over as the blog is often finished in the wee hours of the morning after a late night Wayno Burger is consumed!

I'm very much looking forward to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, the rest of the week I will leave for the others to enjoy.

As the excitement builds and the last minute finishing touches are made to the vehicles and the all important portable friend of Mr Lucas' (I like to refer to him as defib) is collected by Tyrone for Paramedic Pete, we are set for Mt Gambier to Adelaide (only 450kms by car) 1000k's by bike!!

So hoping that Bryce has got Mt Gambier prepped for a big send off and we will make our way to Naracoorte Maccas and First National Office before bunking down for the first night together as a team and praying for the weather gods from last year to be on permanent vacation as we ride out to the pretty Southern town of Robe for our first stop.

Until then, goodnight and we will speak soon.

Mr Lucas

                                              Ol Man Geoff picking up the Van

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